Stubai útskurðarjárn nr
Stubai útskurðarjárn nr

Stubai útskurðarjárn nr

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14.415 kr
Venjulegt verð
14.415 kr
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Stubai útskurðarhnífur nr 6

Stubai 20mm No6 Sweep Straight Carving Gouge

The Stubai 55 series carving tools are some of the finest available and will give years of trouble free service.

Features include:

  • Hand sharpened cutting edges
  • Fully polished blades
  • Inside sweeps are finely ground for easy sharpening
  • Top quality special alloyed steel for high edge-holding ability
  • Hand forged blade guarantees the highest quality and a long tool life
  • Large selection of sweeps
  • Special heat treatment guarantees the very best edge retention 58-60 HRC
  • Internal steel ferrule prevents handle splitting
  • Ergonomic octagonal beechwood handles
  • All blades are marked with sweep for quick identification
  • 100% made in Austria