Afrífunardúkur 1,5m br x 5mtr Nylon 66
Afrífunardúkur 1,5m br x 5mtr Nylon 66

Afrífunardúkur 1,5m br x 5mtr Nylon 66

Easy Composites
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Afrifurnardúkur  PP230

Aerofilm® PP230 is a high specification 85gsm PA66 (Nylon 66) peel ply offering higher tear-strength and operating temperatures and an easier release from cured laminate compared to our standard polyester peel ply. It is identifiable in the Easy Composites range by its red tracer lines.

PP230 PA66 high temperature peel ply is generally specified for aerospace/prepregs applications and large scale wind energy projects. It has a very high maximum operating temperature of 230°C making it suitable for use even with high cure temperature prepregs.

During production, the nylon peel-ply is rinsed and heat-treated to eradicate any surface contamination.

Typical Uses

PP230 is recommended for any prepreg curing requiring a peel ply (for example where secondary bonding will be undertaken) although care should be taken to ensure that prepreg laminates are not 'dried out' by the peel ply which will absorb some resin during cure.

PP230 is also recommended for applications where peel ply removal is proving difficult, including some epoxy resin infusion projects. Although not release coated, PA66 does provide a slightly improved release from the cured laminate and the added strength of the peel ply makes tear removal more consistent.

  • Prepegs (particularly aerospace, wind energy and tooling)
  • Resin infusion (where polyester peel ply removal is proving difficult)