Vacuum Pökkunar filma 5lm 15,2fm 160°C
Vacuum Pökkunar filma 5lm 15,2fm 160°C

Vacuum Pökkunar filma 5lm 15,2fm 160°C

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Vacuum pökkunarfilma (pokafilma)

VB160 is a high quality, general purpose multilayer nylon vacuum bagging film suitable for conventional vacuum bagging, resin infusion and prepreg applications (for curing in our out of autoclave).

Compared to many bagging films, VB160 offers superior flexibility and elongation which improves consolidation and pressure, especially in tight corners or over particularly complex mould shapes. This superior flexibility results in less 'bridging', reduced pin-holing and improved surface finish of laminates - especially for sensitive 'out-of-autoclave' curing processes.

Typical Uses/p>

  • Resin infusion
  • Prepreg laminating (out-of-autoclave or autoclave)
  • Wet-lay vacuum bagging
  • Vacuum bonding/veneering
  • Safety glass lamination

VB160 has also been designed to provide improved resistance to accidental tears and puncture during handling making it a preferred choice in busy manufacturing environments.

The film is suitable for use up to a maximum temperature of 160°C. For cure temperatures up to 204°C/400°F, see our aerospace-grade VB200 Vacuum Bagging Film.