Losunar filma f pökkun 5lm 7,5fm 120°C

Losunar filma f pökkun 5lm 7,5fm 120°C

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AeroFilm® R120-P3 is a general purpose composite release film P3 perforated suitable for use at temperatures up to 120°C.

R120-P3 is our recommended release film when vacuum bagging hand-layup laminates. The film offers excellent release from a wide range of resin systems including epoxy, polyester and vinylester. Its P3 perforations provide the ideal restriction to resin flow between the wet laminate and the breather/soaker layer, allowing surplus resin to be drawn out of the laminate without excessive bleed-off of the resin.

Typical Uses

Commonly used for and recommended for:

  • Vacuum bagging wet layup laminates
  • Debulking prepregs

R120-P3 is equally suited to debulking prepreg laminates where it will prevent the breather layer from sticking to the uncured prepreg and then easily release from the laminate after debulking.