Bandsög á fæti SRP14CE 550W
Bandsög á fæti SRP14CE 550W
Bandsög á fæti SRP14CE 550W

Bandsög á fæti SRP14CE 550W

Venjulegt verð
299.872 kr
Venjulegt verð
299.872 kr
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Pégas bandsögin sameinar kosti bandsagar og tifsagar, afköst bandsagarinnar og lipurð tifsagarinnar.

The Pégas® SCROLL BAND SAW is a precision machine using Pégas® Scroll Bandsaw blades, the finest and most accurate blades ever produced. This unique and innovative Concept is intended for informed users, from hobbyists to skilled professionals.

- Cast-iron frame for higher longevity and stability.
- Balanced Aluminium wheels to avoid vibrations.
- 2 speeds.
- Blade protection guard.
- A safety Switch system prevents machine operation with open doors and quickly interrupts the machine if the doors are opened during operation.
- The cast-iron table, with a 40° tilting capability, is coated with wear-proof and release coating.
- The suction system is placed directly under the work table in order to achieve optimal efficiency.
- The equipment has been certified CE by TÜV Rheinland.